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Diva Restaurant

Taste and joy together…

GRAND IDEAL PREMIUM Hotel has all inclusive concept and the restaurants serves open buffet. As the main restaurant, Diva Restaurant serves you different delicacies from all around the world at breakfast and dinner. Grand Ideal Premium Diva Restaurant has the traces from Aegean, Mediterranean and European culinary culture and serves unique flavours. A perfect dining experience waits for you at a comfortable ambiance with a relaxing, elegant decoration. 

FourSeason Restaurant

Flavours of all the seasons… 

Do you want to have lunch in a refreshing place?  Grand Ideal Premıum FourSeason Restaurant is just the place for you. You may taste various alternatives of fresh delicacies from the buffet that professional hands are preparing for you. Soups, salads, vegetables and meats are accompanied by alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages in the restaurant. FourSeason Restaurant serves open buffet at lunch times and also serves fresh sea food as a la carte on specific days.

Opening and closing time may change according to weather and capacity. 

Cafe De Paris

Warm and colorful… 

A cafe with a colorful and warm ambiance where you can relax and chat with your friends and family… Soft and hot beverages are served between 10:00-00:00 at Cafe de Paris and you can have cold sandwiches between 23:00-00:00 

Pool Bar

A short break by the pool

Pool Bar serves hot and cold, alcoholic-non alcoholic beverages  to our guest all day long with cheerful and high quality service.

After having sunbathed by the pool all day long, our guests may have refreshing cold beverages and enjoy their holiday.Pool Bar serves soft/hot beverages and cocktails between 10:00-00:00 by the pool.


The sweet corner of the holiday…

Let’s have a sweet escape with your friends and family… Our patisserie offers you a feast full of colorful cakes, cookies, traditional desserts. GRAND IDEAL PREMIUM patisserie will bring sweet flavours into your holiday between 16:00-18:00. There is also self-service  hot and cold beverages for our guests between 12:00-20:00.


The lounge for a short break..

A perfect place for you to have tea, coffee and concentrated fruit juice for 24 hours. Lounge offers you a short and joyful break between 00:00-07:00 by serving cookies and beverages. You may relax and enjoy your time and chat with your friends in Lounge. 

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